Faculty submit their travel requests annually in priority order. First-priority trips will be funded for registration costs (up to a maximum of $600; please note that this amount may be used for registration fees only) plus a maximum of $900 for additional travel expenses for destinations in the United States and Canada. A maximum of $1,300 will be reimbursed for additional expenses for trips involving conference travel outside of the United States and Canada; travel to Hawaii is reimbursed at the higher rate.

For conferences to which a tenure-track faculty member will make a significant contribution (typically evidenced by the faculty member being listed on the conference or meeting program), pre-tenured and tenured faculty members may be supported up to $1,000 per year to fund a second priority conference trip if funds are available; it is also possible to divide this amount among several conference trips. 

Pre-tenured faculty members may apply for up to $1,000 in support for a third-priority conference trip to which they plan to contribute significantly; these will be approved when funds are available. 

Visiting faculty members may be supported for one conference trip each year.

One conference trip each year can be for professional development, where there is no significant contribution to the conference. The first priority conference trip can be a professional development trip, and this does not reduce the level of support. If a professional development trip falls under a second- or third-priority trip, then the reimbursement for the trip is limited to $500.