The department head has custody of all College property that has been purchased for or assigned to the department.  The department head should maintain an inventory list of capital goods, which should be reviewed from time to time to see that all listed goods are accounted for.

The department head should maintain an inventory of materials and supplies sufficient to assure that students and staff have what they need to perform their assigned tasks.  The department heads should from time to time order the materials necessary to replenish depleted stocks.

When equipment or furnishings are transferred from one location to another or when items of College property are no longer needed by a department, the department head must notify the Procurement and Payment Department. Instructions are available on the Procurement and Payment website.

Maintenance, repair, and care of buildings and utilities are responsibilities of the Department of Plant Operations.  Special services may be provided to departments for which charges will be made.

Department heads are responsible for requesting issuance of keys.  Keys to College buildings are issued only by the Department of Plant Operations upon approval of the director.

Allocation of Space

The use of space in College buildings for offices, laboratories, classrooms, and other purposes is inventoried and controlled by the director of facilities planning, who is part of the Division of Finance and Administration.  Department heads should send proposals to utilize unoccupied or available space, or to change the use or the occupant(s) of a space, to the associate provost for academic operations.  The associate provost will consult with the provost and others as needed and will work with the director of facilities planning to review proposals.  The overall goal of the space allocation discussion is to provide high-quality space that strives to enhance the mission of the College and the student experience in a prudent manner for our collective College community.