At the end of each academic year, each Department Head/Program Chair is asked to prepare a report for the Provost.  The report should contain:

1. Overview

a brief summary of the academic year, referring to departmental achievements and goals.

2. Academic Program

Classes:  a discussion of the academic year’s curricular offerings, new courses, and substantially modified courses.

Enrollments:  comments on the size of classes, the number of students enrolled in departmental courses, and the number of departmental majors.

Teaching Outside the Department:  comments on non-departmental courses taught by department members, e.g., First-Year Seminars, interdisciplinary courses, courses in other departments.

Out of Classroom Teaching:  a listing of honors projects and independent studies (indicating faculty advisor); number of internships with a few examples; comments on academic advising.

Co-Curricular Teaching:  comments on the department’s and individual faculty members’ inclusion of co-curricular activities in support of the academic program.

Computer Integration:  comments on the department’s and individual faculty members’ inclusion of instructional technology in classes or course assignments.

Diversity:  comments on the department’s attention to diversity in its curriculum.

Outcomes Assessment:  comments on how the department evaluates the effectiveness of your program.

3.  Departmental Review  (for those departments reviewed in the last three years)

offer initial or additional comments on the department’s response to the external evaluators’ report.

4.  Staff

comment on the department’s current staffing situation and projected needs as they relate to program; a listing of courses taught by adjuncts or on overload; identify faculty who taught less than a 3/2 load.  This will be an opportunity for departments to make their case for retaining a vacancy or requesting additional faculty positions.

5.  Students

provide a profile of departmental majors in the current graduating class:  how many were graduated?  how many earned College honors?  how many earned departmental honors?  how many have been accepted into graduate school?  professional school?  Did any receive national or international fellowships?  Give some examples of jobs majors have accepted.

6.  Peer Observation

attach your department’s procedure for conducting peer observations of teaching and confirm that you have made the procedure available to all department members.  Describe the participation in peer observations for your department.

7.  Unresolved Problems

list unresolved problems that require assistance from this office or from outside the department.

8.  Budget

offer a projection of extraordinary departmental budget needs for the upcoming academic year and a preliminary list of capital projects requested.