Process is inclusive and transparent with broad stakeholder engagement.

Academic benefit for students is the main driving consideration.

Discussions are informed by an awareness of current practices and trends in liberal undergraduate education.

The total number of CCS requirements should not increase.

The process is resource-sensitive.

Current CCS characteristics that will be retained include:

  • Leave CCS’s basic structure (no tearing down and building new)
  • Courses open to majors and CCS students (no exclusive “gen ed courses”)
  • CCS is achievable for students within the context of the 32/36 course
    graduation requirement.

General goals 

Leverage Lafayette’s institutional profile and strengths in the CCS.

Clarify/revise aspects of the CCS that cause repeated confusion.

Allow students to more easily understand and take ownership of the CCS.

Update the CCS to reflect the realities of 2021.

Foster inclusivity.

Better articulate the purpose of Lafayette’s CCS.

Develop and provide comprehensive resources for faculty advisers.