As of August 30, 2019
*indicates change

Tenure Track Assistant Professors

Awake, Mikael – English

Cuomo, Dana – Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Dimick, Sarah – Environmental Science and Studies Program

Gilmore, Jennifer – English

Hupe, Eric – Art

Lopez, Christian – Computer Science
Luo, Han – Foreign Languages and Literatures

Sequin, Caroline – History
Smith, Justin – Computer Science
Strömbom, Daniel – Biology

Visiting Professors

Andrews, Marcellus – Economics

Visiting Assistant Professors

Burkert, Seth – Chemistry

*Callison, William – Government and Law

Espinoza-Staines, Adrián – Foreign Languages and Literatures

*Jacavage, Jacob – Mathematics

Lee, Juheon – Government and Law

Muppaneni, Naga Spandana – Electrical and Computer Engineering

Neuman Lambert, Gennie – Theatre

Sajadian, Sally – Electrical and Computer Engineering

*Tawhid-Al-Islam, Kazi – Physics

*Huang, Yingying – Foreign Languages and Literatures

Visiting Instructors

*Parrish, Kathleen – English