As of July 1, 2024
*indicates change or new faculty

Full Professors

Anderson, Lauren – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Armstrong, Mary A. – English/Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Averett, Susan L. – Economics

Barclay, Paul D. – History
Belletto, Steven – English
Berkove, Ethan – Mathematical Sciences
Bissell, William C. – Anthropology and Sociology
Brandes, David – Civil & Environmental Engineering & Environmental Science Studies
Butler, Michael W. – Biology

Caslake, Laurie – Biology
Cefalu, Paul – English
Cohen, Benjamin R – Engineering Studies
Corvino, Justin – Mathematical Sciences
Crain, W. Mark – Economics and Policy Studies
Cummings, Anthony M. – Music (Leave – Spring)

DeVault, James M. – Economics
Donnell, Sidney E. – Languages and Literary Studies
Dougherty, Andrew J. – Physics
Duhl, Olga Anna – Languages and Literary Studies (Leave – Spring)

Fábián, Katalin – Government and Law (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Furniss, Ingrid M. – Art

Gabel, Lisa – Psychology and Neuroscience
Geoffrion-Vinci, Michelle – Languages and Literary Studies
Germanoski, Dru – Geology and Environmental Geosciences (Leave – Fall)
Giovannelli, Alessandro – Philosophy

Hendrickson, Brett B. – Religious Studies
Hines, Justin – Chemistry
Hummel, Scott R. – Mechanical Engineering
Husic, H. David – Chemistry

Jackson, Donald C. – History
Jouny, Ismail – Electrical and Computer Engineering (Leave – Spring)

Kincaid, John – Government and Law
Kissane, Rebecca J. – Anthropology and Sociology
Kney, Arthur D. – Civil and Environmental Engineering (Study Abroad – Spring)
Kurt, Robert – Biology

Lee, Caroline – Anthropology and Sociology
Lodge, Mary Jo M. – Theater

*McGrane, Laura E. – English
Miller, Joshua I. – Government and Law
Murphy, Bruce A. – Government and Law

Nataro, Chip – Chemistry
*Nees, Michael A. – Psychology
Nice, David J. – Physics (Leave – Fall, Spring)

*Park, Seo-Hyun – Government and Law
Peleg, Ilan – Government and Law
Phillips, Christopher N. – English (Study Abroad – Fall, Leave – Spring)
Pite, Rebekah E. – History

Reiter, Clifford A. – Mathematical Sciences (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Reynolds, Elaine R. – Biology and Neuroscience
Rinehart, Robin C. – Religious Studies
Rizvi, S. Abu Turab – Economics
Rohman, Carrie L. – English
Root, Robert G. – Mathematical Sciences
Rosen, Deborah A. – History
Rossmann, Jennifer S. – Mechanical Engineering
Roth, Mary J.S. – Civil and Environmental Engineering
*Rothenberger, Megan B. – Environmental Science/Biology  (Leave – Spring)

Sanborn, Joshua A. – History
Schaffer, James P. – Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Schneiderman, Howard G. – Anthropology and Sociology
Shulman, David H.P. – Anthropology and Sociology
Sikand, Nandini – Film and Media Studies
Silverstein, Helena – Government and Law
Sinkević, Ida – Art
Skvirsky, Karina – Art
Smith, Andrea – Anthropology and Sociology (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Smith, Derek A. – Mathematical Sciences
*Smith, Joshua H. – Mechanical Engineering
Smith, Julie K. – Economics
Stewart-Gambino, Hannah – Government and Law/International Affairs
Stifel, David – Economics
*Sunderlin, David – Geology and Environmental Geosciences
Swidler, Steven – Economics (Leave – Fall, Spring)

Talarico, Jennifer – Psychology

von Wahl, Angelika – International Affairs

Wilson-Fall, Wendy – Africana Studies

*Xia, Ge “Frank” – Computer Science

Ziolkowski, Eric J. – Religious Studies (Leave – Fall, Spring)

Associate Professors

Anderson, Christopher – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

*Bertucci, Michael – Chemistry (Leave – Spring)
Bloom, Jonathan – Mathematical Sciences
Blunt, Robert – Religious Studies and Africana Studies
Boekelheide, Zoe – Physics
Brown, Alexander – Mechanical Engineering

Carley, Tamara – Geology & Environ. Geosciences
Carr, Jessica – Religious Studies
Cho, Il Hyun – Government and Law/Asian Studies

Dearworth, James R. – Biology
Dubischar, Markus C. – Languages and Literary Studies

Falbo, Bianca M. – English
Feola, Michael S. – Government and Law
Fernandes, Megan – English

Gallemore, Caleb T. – International Affairs
Galloway, Melissa – Chemistry (Leave – Spring)
Gaugler, Trent – Mathematical Sciences
Gil, Nestor A. – Art
Gildenhuys, Peter A. – Philosophy (Leave – Spring)
Gómez-Miñambres, Joaquín – Economics
Gordon, Melissa – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Goshgarian, Rachel E. – History (Study Abroad – Spring)
*Griffith, Daniel – Chemistry
Groo, Katherine – Film and Media Studies (Leave – Fall, Spring)
*Guisinger, Amy Y. – Economics
Gutiérrez Coto, Amauri – Languages and Literary Studies

Haug, Kenneth O. – Chemistry
Helm, Jeffrey D. – Mechanical Engineering
Ho, Eric S. – Biology and Computer Science
Hutchinson, Gladstone A. – Economics and Policy Studies

*Kanjwal, Hafsa – History
Kelly, Jennifer – Music
Kelly, Michael A. – Economics
Kurtz, Stephen J. – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laquintano, Timothy P. – English
Larsen, Matthew – Economics (Leave – Fall, Spring)
*Lewis, Allison – Mathematical Sciences
Liebner, Jeffrey P. – Mathematical Sciences
*Liu, Hongxing – Economics
Lu, Qin – Mathematics
Luo, Han – Languages and Literary Studies (Leave – Fall, Spring)

Malinconico, Lawrence L., Jr. – Geology/Environmental Geosciences (Leave – Spring)
*Mante, David – Civil and Environmental Engineering
Masto, Meghan B. – Philosophy
McGuire, Michael P. – Civil and Environmental Engineering
McLeod, J. Owen – Philosophy
Myers, Lauren J. – Psychology

Nicodemus, Julia F. – Engineering Studies

O’Riordan, Kirk D. – Music
Ogrokhina, Olena – Economics
Ospina-Giraldo, Manuel – Biology

Patel, Youshaa – Religious Studies
Pfaffmann, Jeffrey O. – Computer Science

Quirós, Daniel – Languages and Literary Studies (Study Abroad – Fall)

Rossmann, Tobias – Mechanical Engineering
Ruebeck, Christopher S. – Economics

Sabatino, Daniel R. – Mechanical Engineering (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Salas Landa, Mónica – Anthropology and Sociology (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Sanford, Kristen – Civil and Environmental Engineering
Schettino, Luis F. – Psychology
Senra, Michael J. – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Shaw, John S. – Psychology
Smith, Andrew M. – Film and Media Studies
Soh, Lindsay – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Stafford, Katherine – Languages and Literary Studies (Leave – Fall, Spring)

Tao, Jia – Computer Science (Leave – Fall)
*Tavares, Carlos – Anthropology and Sociology
Thomas, Brooks D. – Physics (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Torres, Jorge – Music
Turek, Daniel – Mathematical Sciences

Utter, Brent – Mechanical Engineering (Leave – Fall)

Van Horn, Ryan – Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (Leave – Spring)

Wadiak, Walter – English
Waters, Nancy M. – Biology (Leave – Spring)
Wenze, Susan – Psychology
Wey, Todd A. – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Woo, Joseph – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Leave – Fall, Spring)

Yu, Yih-Choung – Electrical & Computer Engineering

Zallen, Jeremy – History
*Zhou, Ying – Mathematical Sciences
Zulli, Louis P. – Mathematical Sciences

Assistant Professors

*Abayo, Nancy Ingabire – Civil and Environmental Engineering (Instructor)
Abedin, Farhan – Mathematical Sciences
Appelhans, Sarah E. – Engineering Studies
Awake, Mikael – English

Barbeito, Pedro – Art
Biener, Adam – Economics
Biernacki, Lauren – Electrical & Computer Engineering/Computer Science

*Carter, Michael – Economics
Ceballos, Lindsay – Russian and East European Studies
*Cetty, Chetan – Philosophy
Chan, Stephanie – Government and Law
Chin, Sayorn – Economics
*Chu, Chu – Psychology (Instructor)
Clarke, Andrew – Government and Law
Cuomo, Dana – Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

de Toledo Piza, Douglas – International Affairs (Leave – Fall, Spring)
DeMeester, Kristen E. – Chemistry
Dougherty, Michael – Mathematical Sciences
Douglas, Stephanie – Physics

*Egbe Orock, Rogers – Africana Studies
*Elliott, Robert – Civil and Environmental Engineering

Foroughi, Louisa – History (Leave – Fall, Spring)

Gilmore, Jennifer – English
Greenlee, Jessie – Psychology
*Griffiths-Brown, Lindsay – English
Groves, Dylan W. – Government and Law

Hallock, Henry – Neuroscience (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Hannan, Susan – Psychology
Hassan Balasubramanya, Sahana – Mathematical Sciences
Hendrickson, Heidi – Chemistry
Hupe, Eric – Art

*Jie, Yang – Economics (Instructor)
Johannssen, Denis – Languages and Literary Studies

Keeler, Kyle – Environmental Studies
Kelenyi, Gabrielle I – English
Kelleher, Christa – Civil and Environmental Engineering (Leave – Fall)

Lencer, Ezra – Biology
Ligeikis, Connor H. – Mechanical Engineering
López B., Christian – Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

Ma, Xu – Religious Studies
*Mandali, Anusree – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mann, Abigail – Psychology (Leave – Fall)
Mensch, Arielle – Chemistry

Nkansah-Dwamena, Ernest – Environmental Science & Environmental Studies

Peng, Rui Jie – Anthropology and Sociology
Perrot, Mathieu – Languages and Literary Studies
Prabhu, Rohan – Mechanical Engineering (Leave – Spring)
Pride, Aaron – Africana Studies (Leave – Fall, Spring)

*Rao, Jen – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Rice, Monika – Russian and East European Studies and Jewish Studies (Leave – Fall, Spring)
Rosario, Ryan – Mechanical Engineering
Roy, Manami – Mathematical Sciences
*Ryan, Courtney – Theater

Sajadian, Sally – Electrical and Computer Engineering
Salgado, Jake – Theater (Leave – Spring)
Seda, Abraham T. – History (Leave – Fall)
Séquin, Caroline – History
*Serrano, Sofia – Computer Science
*Shrestha, Anukriti – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
*Silveyra, Jorge – Computer Science
Smith, Justin – Computer Science
Stawicki, Tamara – Neuroscience
Stroembom, Daniel – Biology
Sun, (Diana) Yueyi – Mechanical Engineering

*Togans, J.J. LaCount – Psychology

Valdivia, Carmen – Languages and Literary Studies
Van Asselt, Amy – Mechanical Engineering

You, Sun – Art

*Zamcheck, Akiva – Music


Dahl, Jonathan – Computer Science
*DePaul, Michael – Economics
*Farley-Barnes, Katherine – Biology
Gilligan, Tara – Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
*Huang, Yingying – Languages and Literary Studies
Miller, Rebecca – Chemistry
Parrish, Kathleen – English
Schumacher, Ute – Economics
*Uzendowski, Andrew – English

Louise M. Olmsted Fellow in Ethics

Marvin, Amy – Philosophy


(Faculty Designation)

Avon, Janna – Digital Initiatives Librarian
Bailin, Kylie T.- Director of Outreach and Access Services
Beck, Sarah – Digitization and Experimental Technologies Manager
Clark, John H. – Data Visualization and GIS Librarian
*Dalton, Courtney – Research and Instruction Librarian – Skillman/Kirby
Jahre, Benjamin G. – Head of Collections Strategies
*McCall, Rebecca – Research and Instruction Librarian
Nunes, Charlotte – Dean of Libraries
Pearce, Joel V. – Head of Technical Services
Perkins, Angela – Director of Digital Scholarship Services
Ramirez Luhrs, Ana – Co-Director of Special Collections and College Archives
Stomber, Elaine M. – College Archivist; Co-Director of Special Collections and College Archives
Xu, Lijuan – Director of Research & Instructional Services
Zimmerman, Nora – Digital Archivist and Repository Librarian

Full-Time Laboratory Coordinators

Drummond, John – Biology
Fan, Xiaodong – Chemistry (Organic)
Redding, Jessica – Psychology
Salter, Gail – Chemistry (General)
Shelley, Scott – Physics
Wilson, John – Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Visiting Full Professors

Moschenross, Ian – Music

Visiting Assistant Professors

Ali, Salina – Physics
*Avron Barak, Noa – Languages and Literary Studies
*Ayele, Wolduamiak – Mechanical Engineering
Bolt, Thomas – Languages and Literary Studies
Bruno, Enrico – English
Campbell, Christian – English
*Carletti, Sabrina – Art
Chen, I-Fan – Art
Estejab, Ali – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Fischer-Hoffman, Cory – International Affairs
Fischl, Matthew – Biology
Gomez Lopez, Mauricio – Mathematical Sciences
*Harerimana, Ferdinand – Physics
Hernandez, Maria – Languages and Literary Studies
Livingston, Melissa – Theater
Marin, Ioana – Psychology
*McLellan, Kate – Anthropology and Sociology
*Nguyen, Anh “Peter” – Mechanical Engineering
O’Connor, Kevin – Psychology
Olsson Berggren, Mikael – Languages and Literary Studies
Pospisil, Kendra – Anthropology & Sociology
Stonaha, Paul – Physics
*Tocado, Estefania – Languages and Literary Studies
Zhang, Li – Economics

Visiting Instructors

*DeMaio, Matthew – Anthropology and Sociology
*Halmrast, Daniel – Mathematical Sciences
*Ibrahim, Rayan – Mathematical Sciences
*Lipnick, Andrew – Mathematical Sciences
*Miller-Brown, Samantha – Mathematical Sciences
Sarao, Jr., John – Geology & Environmental Geosciences
*Swedberg, Drew – Film & Media Studies
*Zhang, Tian (Abner) – Languages and Literary Studies