The Academic Division provides the foundation for the central educational mission of the College.  Its academic and administrative departments support curricular and co-curricular excellence, creativity, and innovation.  At the core of the Academic Division is the faculty, whose work advances knowledge and creates the curricular programs that guide students’ intellectual growth.  The division collaborates both internally with other divisions of the College and externally to recruit, enroll, and support students, to facilitate student academic success, and to promote faculty excellence.  All members of the Academic Division are guided by a dedication to maximizing the resources and conditions for inclusive educational excellence both in and outside the classroom.



Information, Forms, and Lists

Are you looking for travel forms? Faculty lists? Professional development resources?  Are you a new member of the Faculty?  Chances are you will find it here.

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Faculty Handbook (PDF)

A fully searchable electronic text of the Faculty Handbook (PDF) for the current academic year.

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Policies and Procedures

Recruitment, hiring, review policies and procedures, along with other important information.

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Department Heads and Program Chairs

Responsibilities of department heads and program chairs, including budget planning and administration, and recruitment and evaluation of faculty.

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Learn about the College's ongoing processes of evaluation and improvement. Visit the Assessment website

Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

Assists the faculty in becoming the best teachers they can be through examining the teaching-learning interaction and then considering how best to apply the appropriate pedagogical techniques in their classes.

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International and Off-Campus Education

Students can participate in programs abroad for a semester, over the summer, during a January or May Interim period, or for even shorter durations through various service-oriented programs.

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Research Support

Find information about Lafayette-funded programs for research by or with students, funding opportunities administered through the Academic Research Committee, as well as information about sponsored research.

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